We Demand: President Putin Release Documents Vital to World Peace

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Personally, I don’t think Gordon Duff or anyone else should be DEMANDING anything from President Putin! Is this the way to enlist Putin’s help?

What Putin ‘knows’ or has on the war mongers in D.C. is his to use wisely in the interests of his country — first, exactly as he has stated. Then, I believe his intention is also in this process to help rid the planet of these criminals, but he must look at a far larger picture than Gordon Duff appears to understand. Does Duff really have any in-depth understanding of the man —and what he is contending with — of whom he makes this request? I have to wonder.

Surely, President Putin has his finger on the pulse. Why then isn’t he releasing these documents? Could it be that he is holding the war mongers in check with this information until the situation is as close to perfect as possible? Is…

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